Hello!!! Welcome to my interests page! On this page you'll see what kind of media and other things I like :-)

It should be of note that I am critial of all my interests , and I try not to just consume them without acknowledging their issues.

All of these are going to be sorted into seperate lists so this page may be long, my apologies! ^__^;

Video Games

Animal Crossing Pokémon Left 4 Dead Touhou Metal Gear / Metal Gear Solid Ace Attorney Bandori Parappa The Rapper Vib Ribbon Kirby The Walking Dead (Telltale) Tomodachi Life Undertale + Deltarune Portal Tamagotchi


Gregory Horror Show Tokyo Mew Mew Madoka Magica The Walking Dead Serial Experiments Lain SpongeBob SquarePants Azumanga Daioh Adventure Time Breaking Bad

Web Series

Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls Raining Blood Night Tsuki Desu Sugoi Quest For Kokoro Tokyo Magic Star YinYang My Jungle Book Your Year Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog


Neil Cicierega's different projects They Might Be Giants Oingo Boingo "Weird Al" Yankovic System Of A Down Pink Floyd Logan Whitehurst & the Jr. Science Club Alex G Aphex Twin Neutral Milk Hotel Archspire DEVO Megan Thee Stallion Bright Eyes Boards Of Canada SOPHIE


Garfield Peanuts Archie Comics Vocaloid + Utauloid

Non-Media / Other

Sea life + Marine biology Ichthyology Myrmecology Theology Fish keeping Illustration + Other forms of art Baking + Cooking Computer viruses + Malware Operating systems Media literacy + Media analysis Lost media Online horror of any form Horror movies Alternate reality games ( ARGs ) Online & fandom cultures Fanime ( Fan-made anime ) Shovelware Stationary Video game glitches Video game cut-content